New Day Recovery


NewDay is a new kind of addiction recovery ministry. We combine biblical direction, professional expertise, and real world practicality to provide an array of services to alcoholics, addicts, families and churches.

Freedom from Addiction

Are you struggling with a drug or alcohol habit from which you haven’t been able to break away? Is it time to stop ignoring or lying about how serious it really is? If you are ready for a solution, then begin your journey to freedom now!

Hope for Families

Are you tired of trying to convince a family member to deal with their alcohol or drug problem? Has a family member’s addiction worn you out? If you need help understanding their addiction and developing a positive response to it, then begin your FamilyPath now.

Help for Churches & Groups

Do you realize that nearly half of the population lives in a home touched by alcoholism or drug abuse? Does your church have a clear and effective plan to bring God’s grace to those who have been broken by addiction? If you ready to improve your church’s response to this growing need, then let us help.